About BOOR

BOOR is a 2D puzzle-platformer game, where you play as a girl with the ability to multiply herself, stranded on Eden, a beautiful but strange world, full of challenging puzzles with platforming elements and a refreshing gameplay.

Eden is a human colony far from Earth. To develop a better society, settlers made an artificial intelligence, “BOOR”, to help them, but this machine rapidly turned against them.
When a little girl accidentally lands on the planet, BOOR has taken over Eden and there are only a few survivors. With her special ability to multiply herself, she’ll help them to destroy BOOR.


  • More than 80 engaging hand drawn rooms to explore.
  • Mind bending puzzles and beautiful scenarios to discover.
  • Investigate an alluring but strange world called Eden.
  • Collectibles and secrets to uncover.
  • Experience the power to multiply yourself.
  • OST produced by Paltian (Jacobo Cáceres) accompanies the captivating gameplay.



Explore a visually rich world.

Explore EDEN, a human colony far from Earth.



Solve challenging puzzles.

The world is filled with different puzzles that you’ll have to solve to carry on.



Fight against the robots.

Fight against the enemies as you travel the world to solve the mystery.

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