BadLand Publishing

Badland Publishing embody the firm belief in the need to support international talent in the fields of videogame development. The essence of this branch is to facilitate the materialization of competitive projects envisioned by independent international developers. On one hand by providing them the work space and all the technical equipment necessary for development, but also by offering them a commercial and marketing cannon via the company’s proven expertise in the field of the distribution of videogames.

BadLand Publishing

We are focused in the realization of independent quality games and to distribute them in digital and/or physical formats. For all available platforms, in essence allowing developers all over the world to commercialize their products internationally to markets across the globe. Therefore worldwide development studios, teams and/or personalities immersed in the development of videogames will find in BadLand Publishing a means for their hard-work, efforts and talent, resulting in the fruition and monetization of their creations.

BadLand Publishing is situated in an ideal situation to fill the gap that the large distributors were not able to fill, mainly because those distributors couldn’t find a big profit. Supporting from beginning to end a plethora of titles out of major production companies, but with a strong talent, BadLand Games Publishing is committed to independent videogames, believing in them until they are successful, and therefore, making thousands of users enjoy indie games that, otherwise, would never have born.

The exponential growth of the company has led many European Indie studios to rely on BadLand Publishing due to the distribution among all that users hoping to get their hands on their favourite titles.

Our mission

  1. Create value in the video game industry in order to make a difference.
  2. Supporting the talent of new indie studios and enhancing their potential.
  3. Create a close relationship with the player in an increasingly cold sector.

Our vision

Increase the positioning of indie video games development in the market and also, in the mind of the consumer by betting on talent and innovation.

The values of BadLand Publishing

  • First of all personalized service and special attention to detail. Unlike other distributors, for Badland Publishing, all products and partners are important.
  • Extensive, in-depth and up-to-date analysis of the market and its products.
  • Integral and modern commercial strategy focused on each product. Efficient and fresh approach to public relations, community management and brand service.
  • Accuracy and honesty in the dissemination of information and in determining the potential and placement of a product. Management of the planned product life cycle.
  • Passionate, experienced and well connected team of industry professionals. Financially independent, allowing for agile and flexible decision making.
  • Constant commitment to our partners and end consumers. Long-term established relationships with industry and a philosophy of transparency of information.
  • Maximum vertical cooperation with all our partners: developers, publishers, retailers, shared media responsibility and mutually inclusive strategies.
  • Proven track record of success in extremely adverse conditions.
  • We commit to talent in the field of videogame design and development, especially at a national level.