The most addictive games: Part II

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“Trial and error” is another of the key factors that got us hooked. On those classic titles of the most addictive games; you knew you could do it, you knew how to do it… But getting there would take a lot of trying. 

Another example, more up-to-date than Super MeatBoy, is Celeste. Simple controls but total and absolute demands on timing or moves. A real example of total balance between difficulty and addiction.

What would happen if we added this demands and challenges to a genre that was born on smartphones?

The lack of physical buttons on modern mobile phones led to the birth of new genres for enjoying video games. One of the most famous (and addictive) genres has been the BadLand Games“Endless runner”: the main character or vehicle advances continuously (most of the times at a constant speed) while the player must touch different parts of the screen to avoid colliding, picking up objects that increase his score or hitting enemies. Simple (at first glance), fun and very demanding: some addictive games at first glance.

Some titles have already taken the genre out of the medium for which it was created and, bringing a few elements to it, have successfully taken it to the world of consoles. One of the most obvious examples is the Bit. Trip saga; but we are sure that soon it will not be the only or most important example.

Night & Day: The Curse of the Red Witch

Ikigai Gameworks is putting the finishing touches to Night & Day: The Curse of the Red Witch, a title that combines fantastic storytelling and cutting-edge graphics with the Runner genre, adding elements such as cooperative multiplayer modes, bosses and mini-bosses, and a variety of scenarios. Ikigai’s title has only three basic actions (Dash, jump and lane change) to trap us in a spiral of difficulty and addiction worthy of those classics from the 80s… But with graphics powered by Unreal Engine!

The game features Colwyn and Lissa, doomed to be always together but separated by a curse, which keeps Colwyn on an eternal day and Lissa in the darkness of the night forever. Together, either as a single player or in co-op mode, they will have to overcome each obstacle by moving between two different lanes, jumping over each element that can stop them and using the spells in their path to kill enemies.

So, at first, it couldn’t be simpler: three action buttons and avoid obstacles…. Remember when we talked about how simple but extremely demanding the games of the past were? Night & Day couldn’t be more similar in that way: a true example of addictive games. As in Celeste and Super MeatBoy, the Ikigai title will force you to master every scenario, to explore every path you’ve left behind in case you’ve missed something important, to die over and over again until you’ve gradually overcome each of the levels that make up Celuria’s colorful world.


Ikigai Gameworks

Screenshot Night&Day

The level of demand and difficulty of the Ikigai Gameworks title has recently been awarded at the last Three Headed Monkey competition, held last weekend in May in Barcelona,

where Night & Day has won the “Special Mention from the Audience” award. When at one of these awards ceremonies you see that nobody can stop playing a certain title, you know that it has something special. That’s how it has been expressed in the case of Night & Day, with the awarding of a prize. In fact, with every appearance of the title, it has proven to be a true example of addictive games. The people who tried it couldn’t stop playing.

Train your reflexes and coordination; you still have until the spring of 2019, when Night & Day will be released, to face the Red Witch and make the curse disappear. Meanwhile, we invite you to get to know the genre of Bit. Trip Runner or to experience the frustration and personal improvement of masterpieces such as Super MeatBoy.

Simple but addictive games are back for good.


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