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ADOME is sci-fi action, platforms and first-person exploration game in which history has great weight.
Thanks to the elaborated parkour system, you will enjoy an agile gameplay with fast and dynamic fights.

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About Adome:

Adome is a single-player action adventure game that combines the speed and agility of parkour, frantic action and puzzle solving with a deep and emotional narrative.

The game takes us to a beautiful and spectacular futuristic automated city, covered by a dome and populated only by robots, called City of Light. There you’ ll be IB1, a humanoid-looking robot, whose function is to instruct and protect the seeds, children who are in charge of them.

IB1 was idle, until it feels one of its seeds and wakes up to do the job for which he is programmed; when he wakes up he discovers that something is not right, to the point of rethinking his own existence…

nothing is what it seems…

Embark on an adventure with an amazing and exciting story, set in a beautiful futuristic world with a deep mystery and uncover the dark secret hidden behind City of Light.


Adome features:

  • Deep, mature and emotionally charged story.  
  • Fast, agile and precise gameplay. There is nothing pre-established, you have total control.
  • Enjoy a complex parkour system.      
  • Experience a myriad of different scenarios, from exploration and platforming to frantic action.
  • Dynamic action with enemies that will test your skills. 
  • Smart puzzles.
  • Explore a wide variety of stunning environments ranging from futuristic cities to beautiful natural landscapes. 

Adome gameplay:

Adome gameplay core is based on a satisfying sense of rhythm, smoothness and total control combined with thoughtful and diverse progression.

We’re working on an adventure with a solid rhythm on gameplay and story, in which you’ll enjoy moments of exploration, with smooth parkour movements, combined with well integrated puzzles and frantic action, so each minute you’re in the beautiful world of Adome you”ll feel part of the game.

You’ll perform parkour, fight and solve smart puzzles in incredible futuristic settings and beautiful natural environments, while immersing yourself in a thrilling story that will catch you from the first minute.  


Parkour system:

Parkour like you’ve never seen before. The instructors have a superb agility that allows them to move around quickly and efficiently.  

We’ve taken real parkour movements and merged them with the side thrusting skills of the instructors, building a unique, fun and agile system.

A system that will allow you to make stunning movement combinations to overcome the obstacles featured in the variety of environments you will face on the adventure.   


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