Black Friday: Nintendo Switch USA Sales

Sales, sales, sales!! Here are the sales for Black Friday in indie games for Nintendo Switch USA! Great offers in three great games!

BadLand_Publishing_Black Friday_Nintendo Switch

Dead Synchronicity

Action & Adventure RPG


Dead Synchronicity is a love letter to the genre from developers clearly influenced by those 90’s adventure classics the genre grew up with. A game that every fan of the genre should experience, to retread nostalgia once more.

Nightmare Boy

Action & Adventure RPG


Nightmare Boy it’s a horrifying game representation system and with that frame of mind, I can assume that being a single player platformer, the game is at risk of not being well known by the masses. I am here to fix that, for better or worse. Check it out!


Ginger: Beyond the Crystal

Action & Adventure RPG


Ginger: Beyond the Crystal may be the best 3D platformer available on the Xbox One currently, but this says more about the state of the genre as opposed to the actual game.


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