Black Friday: Steam Sales

Take a look of the best sales for Black Friday in indie games for Steam! Amazing prices for awesome games! Sales up to 60% off! Don’t miss the chance!

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Anima Gate of Memories

Action & Adventure RPG


Anima Gate of Memories is a third person action RPG that tells the story of two beings bound by an unwilling pact, an ancient monster and a girl who lost her past.


Anima: Gate of Memories - The Nameless Chronicles

Action & Adventure RPG

Badland_Publishing_Anima Gate Of Memories

The sequel of Anima is Anima The Nameless Chronicles is a third person action RPG that tells the story of a man without name, an immortal being cursed to walk the world until the end of time.


Anima Gate of Memories
Arcane Edition

Action & Adventure RPG

Badland_Publishing_Anima Gate Of Memories

Arcane Edition is the complete edition of Anima: Gate of Memories.




Awe is a god-game about expressing one’s creativity by shaping and building planets’ ecosystems.



Action & Casual


Castles tells the story of the ambitious King Harold, whose greatest achievement will be the tower you are constructing.

Demon's Crystals



Demon’s Crystals is a frenetic twin stick shooter where you guide the Urican demons through countless hazards in order to restore peace to the world. 


Action & Adventure RPG​


Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is an adventure platformer in which you have to rebuild and restore balance to a world devastated by the explosion of a mystical crystal


Adventure RPG


Zenith is an action RPG coated in humor. Adventuring! Exploring ruins! Saving the world! 



BOOR is a 2D puzzle-platformer game, where you play as a girl with a refreshing gameplay.

Vostok Inc.

Action & Adventure RPG

The Wolf of Wall Street… with lasers. You’re the newly appointed CEO of Vostok Inc. As a greedy, space-capitalist your ultimate goal is to get filthy stinking rich! 



Illusoria is a game where players can immerse themselves in a fantasy world full of wonderful characters and terrible monsters.

Nightmare Boy

Action & adventure

Nightmare Boy is a metroidvania, action/adventure 2D game where you’ll meet weird and unique friends and foes. 

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