Multiplayer Vs. Singleplayer. Part I

Lately, any pointless polemic is valid to try to shake the foundations of the videogame industry. But very recently, due to the (unfortunate) declarations and decisions of a big company, a debate that can already be described as classic came back to the fore: Multiplayer or single player?


Marketing for videogames. Part II

All right, we’ve already done an internal and external analysis of our product, the industry and the competitors. We already know our target audience and we know where we can find them. Now we will have to see what marketing actions for video games we can do to achieve our goals with a modest budget.


Marketing for videogames – Part I

Have you developed a videogame, are you already thinking for launching it or publish it by yourself? Well, now you just need to communicate it, create interest among the players and make it known. It’s time to think about video game marketing.

BadLand_Games_Publishing_Vostok Inc

Vostok Inc

Vostok Inc. Vostok Inc. is a casual game for a hardcore audience and a hardcore game for a casual audience. Collect resources, build your empire, upgrade weapons, defeat insane enemies and collect enough moolah to be the richest badass in the whole galaxy. You’re the newly appointed CEO of Vostok Inc. As a greedy, space-capitalist […]

Our next video game releases

We’re kicking off our blog with the first of, hopefully, many posts with content related mainly to our titles, but not limited exclusively to that.

Comprar Axiom Verge: Standard Edition

Axiom Verge: Standard Edition PS4 USA Video Games Plus GameStop Best Buy Walmart Target Canada Amazon UK Amazon GAME 365 Games BASE Shop To Boomerang Simply Games Zavvi France Just for Games Germany Gameware Nintendo Switch USA Video Games Plus GameStop Best Buy Walmart Target Canada Amazon UK Amazon GAME 365 Games BASE Shop To […]

Comprar Axiom Verge: Ultimate Edition

Axiom Verge: Multiverse Edition PS4 USA Amazon Video Games Plus GameStop Best Buy Walmart Target Canada Amazon Best Buy UK Amazon GAME 365 Games Shop To Simply Games Zavvi France Amazon Micromania Just for Games Spain Amazon GAME FNAC El Corte Ingles Lamee Software Germany Gameware Benelux Smartoys PlayStation Vita USA Amazon Video Games Plus […]

Comprar Velocity 2x PSvita

Velocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition CRITICAL MASS EDITION for PSVita will contain the following: Velocity 2X game. Critical Urgency expansion with 6 extra levels. Dual Core expansion with 10 extra levels. Daily Sprint expansion (a platforming level that is generated randomly each day – the user can practice the level as many times as they […]