Inspired by John Carpenter’s “The Thing”.

A helicopter crash left a group of explorers stranded near an Arctic base. As they try to find a way back, all they are doing is sinking deeper into a nightmare scenario. When they sleep, they attract a terrifying force that sucks the life out of their bodies, but the longer they battle exhaustion and stay awake, the less likely they are to survive…

As the survivors try to sleep just enough to stave off fatigue without dying, they slowly go mad and eventually reach the point where they can no longer trust their senses. In time, they can’t even tell the difference between reality and a hallucination.

Features of Distrust:

  • Procedurally generated World.
  • 15 unique characters. Each character has got its' own abilities and gameplay features.
  • Full real-time survival features. You need to find food and cook it, take care about fuel and firewood for furnace, wear warm clothes, etc.
  • Craft and repair. You need to craft tool and repair ir when needed. Moreover, if you found weapon you need to find bullets, etc.
  • Randomized events. Usual action could turn into unexpected event at any time.
  • Anomalies. Sleep is your main enemy as when character sleeps its fears come true as anomalies that break everything around and interfere your normal activity (including but not limited to freezing characters as they are afraid of it).
  • Madness. Insomnia is your second enemy as if a character doesn't sleep for a long time it becomes madness, aggresive and out of control (could even shoot the other one or break the heater, etc).
  • Base tasks are random. Each procedurally geerated base zone is unique and you need to complete different randomized tasks to leave each zone.

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