Ginger: Beyond the Crystals illustration evolution

If you’ve played Ginger: Beyond the crystals you can see that the final result is almost unrelated to the initial description of the project.


Ginger: Beyond the Crystals - To create a videogame, you must start from something, in all aspects.

Designers devise future mechanics on paper that will then lead to prototypes. Programmers will begin to design the architecture necessary for the team to operate in relative harmony. And those in charge of the graphics must have more than a written reference of their objectives, they need to have a vision, something to lean on. 

But it goes beyond that, to sell a project and get funding or the desired green light if you’re inside a company, you also need this conceptual artwork to sell the dream to a senior manager.


A picture can be worth a thousand words, and a great promotional illustration can boost fan interest in your project. There are many categories of artists in the development of a video game and their work is vital in the different phases of development. 

That’s why we wanted to address in this report some industry names along with a small sample of their work, a small window into the immense and fascinating world of conceptual illustration and character design.


The importance of art in Ginger

When talking about graphic quality, discussions tend to focus on technical parameters that often have little to do with the perception of art as an essential factor in the experience that the videogame has to offer.

Most of the time, a conversation about the art and graphic quality of video games is reduced to the terms of “muscle”, that is, the power of the 3D engine that has been used to create the game: how much detail the characters and scenarios have and how fast it runs on each of the machines and graphics cards on the market.

The art of the characters

Without a doubt, a fundamental part when it comes to defining, not only the appearance of the games, but also the type of game and audience we want to address.

For example, a more rounded appearance gives us a more childish and friendly appearance, rather than marked and elongated characters.

In the case of Ginger: Beyond the Crystal, the main character did not always look the same. At first it was conceived as a 2D game for Smartphones and tablets. The concept of the game was very different, we wanted to make an endless runner of a gingerbread cookie, hence its name, which ran in front of a rolling pin.

If you’ve played Ginger: Beyond the crystals you can see that the final result is almost unrelated to the initial description of the project.

From the moment an idea is forged to the moment we see it on paper, a process of creation takes place in which even the personality of the character is influenced. The concept artist has an important task in capturing an entire character in a single drawing.

The evolution of the characters after the game is completed is fascinating, don’t you think?

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