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Everytime you start a new game in Heart&Slash you start in the same room you know all to well: a robot assembly facility that puts you back together after yet another failure. Again the voice in the screens tells you to be calm, and yet again you disobey and commence your escape.


The Heart&Slash boxed edition for the PlayStation 4 comes with:

Extended Manual: Mini Artbook

Original Soundtrack

“Heart&Slash keeps me coming back for more and more, and even with each death, I am learning something new.”

, Ultra Super Mega Author

Heart & Slash is a hardcore game built on top of a niche genre, but I think a lot of people will appreciate it.”


Interested in Heart&Slash? Discover this hack and slash robot love story by downloading the free demo.

Soon, you find equipment. It might be a sword you already know how to use, or maybe it’s a gun you have never seen before. Whatever it is, you’ll need to make do with it, at least until you find something else or until you get enough XP to upgrade your equipment. Quality assurance robots, bent on disassembling you for your non-compliance, attack you. Many at a time, you have learned their weaknesses and their patterns from previous runs, so at first they pose no challenge. You slash at them, throwing and comboing them into the air just for kicks. But as you advance through the factory, new enemies start appearing. Enemies you haven´t yet seen, combinations you never though could spawn. Little by little, small mistakes chip at your health while you try to find your way in this dammed labyrinth.

The scenery changes as you reach the factory exit. You look at your equipment and your experience, trying to decide how best to prepare for the coming boss. Maybe you can scrap those wall-jumping legs for some extra health. Or maybe it’s wisest to increase the damage your weapon delivers… You make your decision and enter the boss lair. Maybe this time you’ll make it…

Physical Release
Digital Release



Heart&Slash: Robots, Strength, Bone & Brain

eCards for your desktop



Destructoid 8/10

Punk and Lizard 7.5/10

Ultra Super Mega 4.2/5


Fan Art

heartandslash fan art by Stu King ‏@100_rings


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