Illusoria is a 2D platformer game that recalls all of those platformers that emerged during the nineties. Games such as Flashback, Heart of Darkness or Another World.

Illusoria is a game where players can immerse themselves in a fantasy world full of wonderful characters and terrible monsters. A place where death lurks past every corner and where patience and expertise will be your best allies.

The Prophecy has been fulfilled, and the Puppet Master has emerged from the void; a being capable of corrupting the worlds he encounters with its mere presence, turning living beings into abominations that attack and kill everything within reach while he gains power.

As Keeper of the Flame, you must protect the kingdom of Illusoria, its inhabitants and Amelia, its empress. To achieve this, you must acquire the power of the Guardian throughout your adventure in order to defeat the Puppet Master and his host of monsters. Time is against you and the Empress is counting on you.

Features of Illusoria:

  • Experience 12 action-packed levels filled with monsters and hidden secrets.
  • Master your skills running, crouching, rolling, climbing, and precision jumping to traverse this dangerous fantasy world.
  • Learn magic to get the edge on your enemies. Go on the offensive using fireballs, protect yourself with a fiery shield – or lunge at enemies while engulfed in flames.
  • Choose between rushing through the levels or stopping to find out more about the world Illusoria and its inhabitants.
  • Is Illusoria too challenging? Then switch between Easy, Normal and Hard game modes at any moment from the main menu.

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