Cold winter sales: Switch EU

Check the new Switch sales for Europe! New amazing indie video games with an amazing discount up to 60%! 

BadLand_Publishing_Winter Sales_Switch

Freaky awesome

20% OFF

Shooter Roguelike

If you’re into the new fangled version of roguelikes that are out nowadays. It’s really unique and awesome!!!

Dead Synchronicity

50% OFF


Dead Synchronicity makes a generally calm genre exciting and cleverly blends old horror and sci-fi tropes into a stylish new post-apocalyptic tale.

Nightmare Boy

45% OFF

Metroidvania Platforms

Nightmare Boy is a great choice if you are looking to play something with spooky themes and unforgiving gameplay. It’s pretty much on-the-nose when it comes to the genre and innovation.

Demon's Crystals

20% OFF

Shoot'em Up

Demon’s Crystals is a twin stick shooter. It has demon’s and well, crystals which you must collect in order to save the world. It’s a very simple yet fun top down shooter.

Mars Chaos Menace

20% OFF

Shoot'em Up

Mars: Chaos Menace is a very interesting shmup, with a beautifully designed levels. You can utilize a Plasma Shield when in a tight spot, which allow to cheese some stuff.

Operación Triunfo 2017

30% OFF


LIVE THE OT EDITION THAT MADE US DREAM AGAIN! The official video game of Operation Triumph 2017 comes to your home to make you vibrate with the successes that left us breathless in this edition!


10% OFF


Awe is a planet builder or god game that allows you to relax and create a soothing, slow paced ecosystem and it’s surprisingly good.

Leopoldo Manquiseil

10% OFF

Platforms 2D

It is not only a great platform game, it is also a way to bring hope to one person from the videogame industry that need an exoskull to walk.


60% OFF


Show that you’re the soul of the party! With the official video game of Stand Up: All Stars, enjoy yesterday’s and today’s greatest hits from the most recognized artists and their official video clips. Have fun and give it all playing alone or with up to three friends!

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