New indie releases 2019

New releases for 2019, a summary of what’s ahead.

Genesis Alpha One

It will be released in physical format on January 26th.

Is a first-person action video game with some touches of simulation as well as a survival section in a sci-fi environment combined with roguelike elements and the use of the Unreal Engine 4 graphic engine. Thanks to cloning, which will allow us to survive as players, we will be fulfilling the missions that are entrusted to us throughout the game.

The Long Journey Home

It will be launched on February 5th.

Is an adventure and strategy game that will allow us to control and manage a space crew. While we try to survive in the middle of a space that will be procedurally generated, we will have to fix our ship, choose the best routes and make contact with other extraterrestrial civilizations.

The Occupation

It will also be launched on February 5th.

Is a first-person adventure where narrative will be key in the unfolding of the story. In the video game we will experience how an attack -which will leave a dozen victims behind- will become the genesis of the Union Act, a controversial British act that could restrict the civil and individual liberties of the population of the United Kingdom. In this way, as journalists, and on October 24, 1987, we will have four hours of real time to investigate and decide what to do with the fate of the country through an article that could change the political and social landscape of the nation. The events of The Occupation will take place in real time, involving us, and allowing us to be partakers or witnesses in these events.

Lovecraft's Untold Stories

It will be available at the end of the first quarter on consoles.

Is an action roguelite with RPG elements, such as The Binding of Isaac, freaky awesome. Very cool soundtrack, pixel aesthetics with lots of items to find. Explore randomly generated levels based on HP Lovecraft stories; fight cultists and all sorts of Myth monsters. As a new feature, the game will allow you to shoot on four axes and make use of artifacts such as Molotov cocktails, to avoid falling into the jaws of monsters. As we move forward, we’ll have to look for clues and information about the Ancients and the Outer Gods, and solve puzzles and all sorts of challenges.


We'll have it on console in the second quarter of this year.

Is an action RPG, with a combat system that mixes real-time combat with turn-based combat and a mix of action and strategy. Get excited with a soundtrack that will remind you of all the classic role-playing games. So it’s no wonder that some Spanish developers like Estudio Abrego, instead of betting on more Western role-playing systems like the one used in The Elder Scrolls, The Witcher or Pillars of Eternity, preferred to make a role-playing game clearly inspired by mechanics, systems and aesthetics that could come perfectly from the Japanese territory. In fact, as an anecdote, the launch there has been so important that they have even hired a famous Japanese illustrator like Yoshiteru Tsujino, who you might know from the Far East Of Eden saga (from which unfortunately only the Kabuki Clash fighting game was officially released here).

Pixel Noir

Don't lose track of the game; this year there are new features coming up for Pixel Noir.

A 16-bit style RPG with graphics like the ones on Super Nintendo. Pixel Noir is defined as a title heavily influenced by Japanese classics such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and Earthbound, presenting us with a story in which we’ll play a policeman turned detective after 10 years in prison. With a shady past – we were accused of a murder we didn’t commit against our partner – we will have to deal with the scum of Pinnacle City, a dark place, while imprisoning criminals, rescuing pets or solving cases. With an isometric perspective and dark aesthetics, we’ll even encounter with all kind of monsters. It has an OST created by Secret of Mana composer

We don’t want to reveal much more, but we are getting ready to make a leap to the mobile…

More information coming soon!!!

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