Marketing for videogames. Part II


All right, we’ve already done an internal and external analysis of our product, the industry and the competitors. We already know our target audience and we know where we can find them. Now we will have to see what marketing actions for video games we can do to achieve our goals with a modest budget.

There are different marketing actions that we can do to make our video game known. Let’s get into the case we saw in Marketing for videogames. Part I. We are going to launch an indie videogame of jRPG genre and pixel art graphics. First, we will have to choose a main channel, a “communication mother ship” to which all the actions will be redirected, and all the information will be gathered. This medium can be a Facebook page, a microsite, or a specific website.

It is important that, in the run-up to the launch of the title, for example, one year before the day-one, we focus on three pillars:

  • Create brand image. Give personality to the title.
  • Generate impacts (or impressions). To make the title known.
  • To provide interesting content to our main medium.

The main channel

The main channel we have chosen must be full of relevant content. We will have to actively feed you videos, images, gifs, questions or surveys every week. In this way we will generate engagement and, by replicating it in the rest of the channels, a community of followers.

If we want to go further, we can carry out a keywords study to position our content in search engines around certain keywords. These keywords will have to have a competition in search engines, the lower the better, thus going to a niche of players and, thus, being more visible among them.

This phase can be complemented with other actions sponsored through Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads or Twitter Ads to reach a larger number of people. All these actions will lead to our main channel.

From this main channel we will take all users and visitors to the Steam product sheet where they can add the game to their wishlist.

BadLand_Games_Publishing_Velocity 2X

Marketing actions

We will have to choose actions that can be segmented to target our target audience and optimise investment. These actions should contain attractive creativity with a call-to-action that encourages the user to click.

It is important that we link both the campaigns and the creativities together and analyse the different indicators of each one. This way we can see if one creativity works better than another or if one campaign is getting more clicks than another. 

By knowing this we can stop those that don’t work and invest more in those that are getting good marketing results.

Measure, measure and measure. Key to video game marketing

All the data obtained in the campaigns must be measured for the future. The more we learn the less we will fail in later releases and the more sales we can achieve. In additions, it can help us to calculate the return of investment (ROI) in order to check what find of actions work better for our game.


An analysis prior to the launch of a videogame is of vital importance in order to determine a course of action. In this way we will be able to define a target audience and attack their most used channels, thus optimizing the investment.

With these actions we will be able to create community in social networks generating interest and, in this way, in the future sales.

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