Nightmare Boy: Special Edition

Nightmare Boy: Special Edition

Nightmare Boy is a metroidvania style, action/adventure 2D game.

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It takes place in a diverse world, full of enemies from your worst Nightmares! 
In your quest to save the Noctum from a self-proclaimed ruler, you’ll meet weird and unique friends and foes. But tread carefully when talking or interacting with NPCs: Quirky characters and their reactions can have game-changing consequences. Fast reflexes and a taste for exploration are key if you intend to collect rare items, vanquish enemies, and eventually face your deepest fears. 


This metroidvania takes place in Donorok, in the state of Noctum. After the King of Noctum, Aster, disappears, chaos rules over the world. The relationships between Monsters, Mongos and Dreamers are completely unstable, and Donorok – the land so heavily affected by the chaos – slowly absorbs terrain from the surrounding regions.

Balder has taken over and has ordered the monsters to retain any child who falls into the Nightmare. The key to continuing his rule is with the Nightmare Boy, Billy.


A colorful palette and an aesthetic straight out of your worst Nightmare! Main character animations are made up of over 500 drawings. Each level has its own unique enemies and atmosphere.


  • Character control is responsive and dynamic. As you progress through the story you will discover new abilities such as double jump, triple jump and hanging on walls. Powerful spells, explosives, and friends along the way will aid you in untraveled paths.
  • As the player exploring every corner that forms the Nightmare World, you will slowly complete your map.
  • There are many collectibles throughout the World that will decide which of the different endings the story concludes with.
  • Characters on your journey will offer advice, but it's up to you to take it - or not!


Each scene has its own musical composition and atmosphere. This provides an immersive experience and truly surrounds the player in the Nightmare World. This has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of Vic Hernand.

Metroidvania: What it is?

“Metroidvania” is a term used to describe a sort of exploratory 2D platforming game. It comes from the original games of the Metroid series and some of the middle-era of Castlevania games (most greatly “Symphony of the Night”, which is what mainly gave birth to the term).

The most defining appearance of Metroidvania games is usually the world. Rather than have set stages or a world map, the entire game takes place inside one giant map, which you must traverse about. Not just any map, but typically a very complex map filled with all kinds of secrets. The map is typically divided into sectors, more in an aesthetic fashion to denote that the denizens and dangers will be different. Sometimes you have teleports to assist you in travel, but other times you just have to remember where to go in the map.

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