Estudio Ábrego – Noahmund: Questions and answers


We spoke to the studio responsible for Noahmund, the JRPG designed in Spain that features a revolutionary control and movement that resembles a board game.

After the release of the game on Steam, Estudio Ábrego is currently finalizing the details of the versions of its RPG for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. We interrupt their work to approach them with a series of questions:

How many people compose the studio?

“At the moment, six people form the core of our studio, but we’ve managed to work 14 simultaneously on the larger part of the production.”

How long have you been developing games?

“We have been developing video games for 4 years, 2 years as amateurs and 2 as Estudio Ábrego.”


What was your first development, before Noahmund? Even if it was very amateur or unfinished.

We started 4 years ago a small arcade called Meteoro Imp, which collected the essence of the classic PANG but adding mechanics to reverse gravity, and with some very nice designs Akira Toriyama, although it was never published.


What are you playing at the moment?

Alberto is playing Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of a Lost Past, which as a good “JRPGero” that is, this Square Enix work could not be missed; Alejandro and Dani are playing Two Point Hospital, as lovers of resource management, although Dani is also with Smite and Star Citizen at the same time. Julio is right now with Tales of Berseria, and Jaume is also with a JRPG, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC. So as you can see, more than half of the team play the genre we chose for our first development.


Alberto: Without a doubt, Chrono Trigger from Square (Sorry, Castlevania Symphony of the Night).

Your favourite game of all time?

Alejandro: It’s too difficult for me to choose just one video game, but I’ll say that the Starcraft saga has definitely made a mark on me (sorry for Heroes of Might and Magic).


A game that you would have liked to develop or "modify" with your ideas?

Well, the truth is that we think Heroes of Might & Magic saga could undergo some changes of direction, and making a futuristic version is something we’ve always thought about. It’s a saga that most of us play, we love the strategy and resource management mixed with medieval fantasy… But what would happen if we changed it to science fiction?


What was your inspiration in developing Noahmund?

This answer could be quite long, but we are going to try and hit the target. I think that the JRPG and strategy genres are what inspired us to make Noahmund, it’s true that there were games in our minds as we developed Noahmund, but above all we wanted to do something original and revolutionary containing something about mythology and our original combat system.

Favourite platform to develop? And to play?


Well, we still don’t have a favorite platform as such to develop, although Nintendo Switch is winning our hearts both for development and for playing.

Alberto: That’s not true! I have a lot to play on PlayStation 4.

Alejandro hasn’t let go of the Switch since it was given to him.

Because of Noahmund's graphic style and gameplay, it's clear that you're retro lovers; favorite platform in history?

Dani: Sega Master System.

Jaume and Julio: Playstation (the first one).

Alberto: Super Nintendo.

Alejandro: Commodore Amiga 500.

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