Estudio Ábrego – Noahmund: Two artists, two visions

In order to make an Indie RPG video game you make sure you’re working with a professional and creative team. This team must to have the right commitment to the project and they have to know that it won’t be easy and fast.

Noahmund: Two artists, two visions

We interviewed Julio Garzón and Pablo Moreno, asked them about the Noahmund artistic development. Enthusiasm can be perceived in their answers, a lot of passion and above all a lot of love for Indie RPG games. We wonder: Is the art in video games one of the areas in which most feelings are expressed? What do they think about it?

Pablo, why do you work in Noahmund's art department and what motivates you to do so?

“I came into the project with the development quite advanced, so I had the chance to experience it as a player rather than a member of the team. As a fan of Indie RPG games and Japanese culture since I was a child, I loved the idea of creating a work of this style in a studio in my own city. Shortly after contacting them, I discovered that our artistic visions matched perfectly.”

Indie RPG_Badland_Publishing_Noahmund_
Indie RPG_Badland_Publishing_Noahmund_

Both Julio and Pablo agree that Noahmund’s aesthetics have a different atmosphere, that even under the influence of Japanese culture has its own personality, with innovations within the genre and the freshness to give the player something different:

“When I approach a work of this type now, I appreciate that it features new universes that explore elements and rules different from those we are used to. In this chaos, Noahmund’s universe, while it draws a lot of oriental aesthetics, has its own personality and folklore and that’s something I appreciate,”

– says Pablo.

Indie RPG_Badland_Publishing_Noahmund_

Julio, how important do you perceive the work of the illustrator and the artist for the player and the community?

“I think that within my tasks, the most important thing has been the character design, and as for me it is very important as a player, I understand that for the community it can also be so. We must identify in some way with the characters, even if they are part of a different world.

Art is not genuinely innocent, and every artistic work is loaded with values that are derived from the artist’s opinions and experiences. Whenever I make any work, I like to give it my personal touch, even if it’s in insignificant details and that most of the time it’s overlooked”.

We are glad to hear that from you Pablo, since we often find in the game a lot of reminiscences and details, sometimes unnoticeable to the player, but which have a very special meaning, sometimes for the team, or even to transmit a value or make a social criticism.

How does crunch affect artists?

“Actually, in my personal experience I haven’t been affected by this matter, although the reality is that the artists, by our nature, live in a continuous crunchtime, we always put more hours into the works,”

– says Pablo.

“In my opinion,” 

– says Julio;

“Crunchtime is something that affects our department less than others, since it has to be the first to finish, it’s a rule. And no more content should be generated at the end of a production. On the other hand, if our work does not arrive on time the rest of the departments will not arrive on time, which means more work and delays.”

Indie RPG_Badland_Publishing_Noahmund_
Indie RPG_Badland_Publishing_Noahmund_

Conlusions: Hard work for a great Indie RPG

First, that the work of the artist is appreciated in the final project, being also the first thing that catches your eye. And in second place, to emphasize the importance of the timeframes in the development of an Indie RPG, since a good planning on behalf this department will allow the team to be able to improve certain aspects of the final work before concluding the project, what is known as polishing and post-production.

Noahmund. A great Indie RPG

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