How can we make our video game known?

Years of work, hours of effort and moments of suffering, but you have already developed your videogame, now, how can we make our videogame known?

Working hand by hand with a publisher is not only reduced to the publication of the video game and its distribution. Communication support is key when it comes to reaching the target audience of the videogame itself. Such is the importance that, sometimes, the user is over-saturated, or expectations are created that many times do not represent something real.

Where we are

To be able to create a series of actions with which to make our videogame known, we have to know where we are and know two things:

  • We must know our title in an objective way. Highlights and differentiating points of the game, what is the most important thing we can emphasize about it and, on the other hand, be aware of the weakest points.
  • Secondly, we have to know our target audience, what they like, what social networks they use, which media can most impact them, or what their interests are.

Once we have “selected the weapon” we are going to use, as well as the objective we are going to impact, we can think about where to do it and what actions we are going to carry out.


Conventional actions

If our budget allows us to do so, we can opt for mass media such as television or the press. These are channels that can generate many impacts in a short period of time, and thus make the title known to a mass audience.

What happens with these actions? Well, mainly, a high budget is required, which on many occasions is not within everyone’s reach. And, on the other hand, that our target audience is rarely present on these channels. So, it may be a good option for large budgets, but for more modest titles is like using sledgehammers to crack nuts.

To make our video game known, we must aim and impact as if we were “snipers”.

Social media


Social networks are commonly used day by day, and leaving YouTube or Twitch aside, Twitter is the most used in the video game sector, followed by Facebook and Instagram. Any action will have to be supported by content on social networks months before the launch of the title. This content will have to be habitual and different so that it arouses interest in the user, being able to be images, gifs, stories or curiosities.

Later, approaching the launch date, this content may focus more on live videos, gameplays, LORE, or contests and draws.

It is necessary to consider making a correct content strategy in social networks, set an editorial agenda as a guide to follow an order in social networks interlacing all of them. In addition, we will have to maintain a graphic line that favours the branding of the company.

This social network content can also be combined with advertisements and publications promoted both on Facebook and YouTube through marketing campaigns that can reach a public “not follower” but sensitive to be interested.

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