Part II: PC Vs Console


Beyond the fanaticism of PC and console, there are elements that will clearly make us decide for one of them. The key is to look for the combination that best fits our tastes… or our budget.


Although almost all the best games are now available on both the console and the PC, it’s true that those exclusively for Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft machines are usually much juicier. 

Gone are the years when PCs hosted exclusive titles such as Age of Empires and Civilization; they’re still available exclusively for computers, but not as important as console titles. If you want to play Uncharted, God of War, Halo, Gears of War, Super Mario Kart or Splatoon, you’ll have no choice but to get your hands on a console.

Game prices

The storage media (especially when it comes to cartridges) and the royalties that console manufacturers impose on the games developed for each of them considerably increase the price. Multiplatform titles are always, without exception, cheaper on PCs. In addition, Steam and its sales contribute to making the prices much more attractive with respect to consoles, although PlayStation Store, eShop and Microsoft Marketplace are beginning to offer all kinds of discounts and promotions.


Although years ago online gaming was similar in both cases (although the PC has always been more advanced in this area). The arrival of Xbox Live and, soon after, PlayStation Plus, has made things a little more complicated in the case of console multiplayer. Maybe we should say a little more expensive. 

In addition to the higher game prices, in order to be able to play multiplayer games on the console, we will have to pay a subscription fee (which will soon be added to Nintendo Switch), while on a PC we will be able to play any game online without a subscription.


At the beginning of each generation, the possibilities of PC and console have always gone hand in hand, but the ease with which a computer can be updated and the speed with which technology advances and components are updated make the PC the ideal machine for users who always want to be up to date. When a generation of consoles comes to an end, we can begin to glimpse the next generation reflected in the most modern PC’s.

Comfort and ease of use

Although the technology behind the consoles is becoming more and more similar to that of a computer, it is clear to any user that it is much easier and more convenient to play on a console. In console the interface is simpler, the control system is always the same and the games are the ones that adapt to it, the installations are usually shorter and simpler…. Although lately the tedium of downloading updates happens in both cases. We could say that the consoles have always been designed to play comfortably from the sofa while the PC forces you to adopt a more “alert” stance.


As we have said, both options have both positive and negative points, although it is easy to highlight the decisive elements.

Playing on a PC allows you to enjoy games at a level the console will never reach; as long as your pocket allows, you can play at a higher resolution than the console and with unique PC graphics effects. Plus, you can choose the control system you’re most comfortable with, as any PC game lets you define its controls: keyboard and mouse, Dual Shock 4, Xbox One X controller… play the way you want.

Playing on a console guarantees you an experience just as the developers intended it to be: your visual or playable experience won’t depend on your specific graphics card, keyboard model or controller; all consoles play games in the same way (except, of course, the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, which mimic the upgradeable capabilities of a PC). As mentioned above, the only way to play the latest God of War, the latest Gears of War or the latest Mario is to purchase the console where these exclusive titles are available.

Now the decision is yours: do you want to be on the cutting edge of technology or have access to the most prolific sagas in the world of video games exclusively?

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