Press Release – Noahmund’s latest patch for Steam now available


Noahmund's latest patch for Steam now available.

Estudio Ábrego launches a new patch to improve the user experience and launches its most chilling campaign.

Madrid (Spain), August 31st, 2018: The long-awaited Strange Brigade is now available in stores in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One formats.

The new release from Rebellion is a cooperative shooter, for up to four players via online, located in Egypt in the 1930s. Strange Brigade combines intense multiplayer action, exploration and a supernatural thematic and decorates it with large doses of humor in its unfolding.

  • Autosave system: Every time that the game load a scene or you reach a campfire, the game is automatically saved, you can continue from the new option from the main menu.
  • Skins system: It includes a new system that allow players to change the appearance of the main characters. At the moment, you can enjoy their original clothes and the Halloween ones.
  • New world HUD: New contextual helpers will appear if you stand still for a short period of time.

In addition, more errors found in certain dialogues have been fixed, and a complete revision of  Japanese translations has been made. To learn more about this patch, visit Noahmund community page on Steam: Additionally, Noahmund is 20% off during the Halloween campaing, being able to acquire it for only €/$ 15.99.

The studio wants to remember that they are working closely with Badland Publishing on the ports of Noahmund for Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4.

About Noahmund


Love, fear, fire… The war in Feros is only a dramatic painting drawn on the background of the fate of Galina Angstroud, an agent of Shinn willing to fight against the most powerful weapon of Salaber. Accompanied by her guardian, Berani Valenti, both begin a journey for truth and salvation.

We are Estudio Abrego, we love video games and board games, more specifically the role genre ones. We are great fans of intense and emotional stories and dreamy soundtracks, those that reach your heart, and with that in mind, Noahmund breaks barriers between rpg genres and fuse them in a new system based on a original mythology created from zero.

Also, you will fight enemies with a new revolutionary battle system that we call “Motion Battle Chess”, combining tactical playstyle with real-time action. Imagine play chess without turns, using magic, traps and facing all kind of enemies. Use Galina’s Synchrony over allies and enemies, cast powerful element skills with Stalos, and become a true guardian thanks to Berani techniques.

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