Pixel Noir: Behind the curtain – Part I

Since their successful Kickstarter, Pixel Noir developer, SWDTech Games has been on a mission to bring their vision to life.

They’ve gone through several iterations of look and feel and features of the game as they progressed through pre-alpha, alpha, beta, and now gold. Here’s a quick look back at all the upgrades and enhancements they’ve announced throughout their journey!

Story, Lore, & Art

Thanks to Len Stuart who created the entire map of Pinnacle City, there’s a lot to see and do in Pixel Noir. In the full game you’ll get to explore the expansive metropolis (six times the size of free alpha demo that’s up on www.swdtechgames.com)…you’ll be introduced to new areas such as the Industrial District, Downtown, The Sprawl, Royal Casino, and many more while meeting the colorful city dwellers and gangs that inhabit them!


The full roster of playable characters

From left to right, you’ve got:

  • Detective (young) – A rising star at the PCPD!
  • The Detective (old) – An older version of the once rising star of the PCPD, now a washed up private eye who lives out of his office.
  • Deuce – Vance Royale’s #1 and professional “situation handler.”
  • Woof – A former prison inmate with a heart of gold and fists of steel.
    Cold – A detective at the PCPD with a no nonsense attitude.
  • Shade – A mysterious character with a strong sense of justice.
  • V-Money – What has two thumbs and only cares about herself? This knife-toting thief!

In addition to the hand-drawn portraits and 16-bit pixel art, each of the eight chapters will be kicked off by beautiful, hand-drawn comic book cutscenes that have been illustrated by artist Maximo Lorenzo. Here’s a sneak peek.

Finally, SWDTech Games has had a strong history of working with backers and listening to their fans input. The team has worked tirelessly with backers and recently announced that all of the art assets for both the backer collaborations and the crossovers with Shovel Knight and Heart Forth, Alicia have all been finished!

Other characters

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