Pixel Noir: Behind the curtain – Part III

Hi everybody! On this update, the team from SWDTech is going to focus on a few big announcements! So first things first… Early Access is coming!

BadLand_Publishing_Pixel Noir

On the road to full release, we will be launching a Steam Early Access in April! This major milestone for Pixel Noir will be your chance to sink your teeth into a sizable portion of the game while receiving a survey to help us make the full game even better though your feedback. Let’s get into the deets…

BadLand_Pixel Noir

$1 backers (Shy Guy tier) will get 5% off of Early Access! As noted above, this will include access to the Early Access build, full game, through Steam (PC, Mac, or Linux) and of course the “Tales From The Beta” EP.

$10+ backers (Early Bird Tiers & higher) will receive a FREE Early Access Steam Key for Pixel Noir! Along with your Early Access you will receive, “Tales From The Beta” EP, the OST from Pixel Noir’s Beta release in digital form.

Your Steam Key or discount code will be emailed to the email address listed on your Backerkit submission. (To update, click here: https://pixel-noir-ps4-ps-vita-pc-mac.backerkit.com).

Much like with the backer-only demo release, we’re hoping to get some additional feedback and test the market a bit before the full game’s launch. When you do play the Early Access, please be sure to let the Steam community know you were a Kickstarter backer so that we can rep our Kickstarter roots!

Rejoice! We have Localization!

Something that many of you have been hoping for since the start of our journey has been language localization. We are happy to announce that thanks to our partnership with BadLand Publishing, The Early Access and the full release of Pixel Noir will be available in English, Spanish, French, and German!

Roadmap & Devbot Updates!

When we originally set up the roadmap, the idea was to be able to show progress, but as we’ve doubled back to polish and fix bugs we found out that it doesn’t really communicate the total amount of things being worked on at any given time. 

So we revamped roadmap, which now allows for an even more granular view of what’s being worked on day to day as well as a broader view to give fans a peek at what we are currently working on! 

BadLand_Publishing_Pixel Noir

Another big improvement to our development communication efforts will be Devbot! Devbot is a Twitter bot that we have integrated with our repository that will tweet out commits pushed by the team! Not a Twitter person? There is a feed included in the roadmap as well so if you swing by and wonder why a progress bar hasn’t shifted then you’ll be able to see the individual changes that the team has recently made. 


We are always looking for ways to make development more transparent for everyone, so please feel free to check in with us anytime or to offer suggestions through social media or through Kickstarter DM’s! Also don’t forget Leo’s Pixel Noir Coding Streams that he hosts twice a week at https://www.twitch.tv/leolicos!

That’s all for this update, we’re going to put out our next update a bit sooner than usual which will include more information on the actual in-game changes we’ve made in the last few months based on your demo play feedback! 

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