PlayStation Classic: Nostalgia reaches 32 bits

The new is born and the old is reborn. In this way PlayStation conquers hearts based on nostalgia and good work with its relaunch of the PlayStation Classic.

Although the more tech-fans have been reviving their visits to arcades and their childhood consoles through emulators for over twenty years, this practice did not become popular (especially among console users) until the arrival of Wii and its Virtual Console.

Through it, the most nostalgic gamers have enjoyed playing the best moments of our childhood, with titles from consoles such as NES, Game Boy, Game Gear and the best arcade games… Wii U followed its steps with new additions to the virtual console catalogue with new features that took advantage of the Wii U Gamepad.

Sony followed up with PSX and PSP classics on PlayStation Store, but the real revolution came a few years later.


Mini consoles arrive on the market

After putting the market to test and discovering that there is a large group of classic game fans, nostalgia allied itself with collections and Nintendo took advantage of its maturity in the industry to launch the mini versions of Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo. Genuine old-fashioned games, the culmination of each of their generations, eight and sixteen bits, condensed into small boxes of ludic love.

Very recently, a console that coexisted with Super Nintendo and MegaDrive but at a very different level, classified as a “24-bit console” at the time, has also come to our days as a mini-console or, in this case, mini-arcade machine: it was none other than Neo-Geo.


The biggest console of the 90’s (in every sense, because it was a huge device) arrived in Japan about two months ago and will do the same in Europe and the United States before the end of the year.

SNK relied on the most iconic cabinet ever to populate the arcades (Japanese, of course) to create a sort of hybrid console (without battery) with the best 40 titles appeared in the most powerful 2D console in history.

A mini-cabinet with arcade screen and controls, and the ability to use a control pad and play its games on any TV.

Polygon graphics are nostalgia already

The 8-bit and 16-bit generations were a thing of the past, that they were just nostalgia, but… years go by for everyone, and in the world of video games they are reflected even more dramatically, with astounding accuracy; we thought that it would never arrive, that it was not “classic”, that Sony had just arrived on the market… but the first PlayStation is about to turn 24 years old (it was launched on December 3, 1994 in Japan) and we cannot but confirm that nostalgia has officially reached 32 bits: PlayStation Classic will become a reality next December.


It seemed that it would never arrive, but the generation of 3D and polygons by excellence is already officially “classic”: Gran Turismo, Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear Solid, Ridge Racer or Tekken 3.

They are living history of the videogame, real classics of the nearest past (well, they are all about twenty years old), that will return to our brand-new 4K screens to show their graphic potential: 360.000 polygons (without shading or texture) per second, a resolution of 256×224 (although it reached 640×480 in special modes).

And there are still people who do not consider it nostalgic because they claim that the first “real” 3D graphics (Stunt Race FX and Starfox also had polygon graphics), the new ones in the generation of 32 bits, have not aged well at all. 

That those graphics with the Full HD and 4K quality of today’s TVs will be nothing more than a bunch of pixels… But recovering the sensations lived with those games is way more important than resolutions, shaders and polygons per second. 


The beautiful “past” that lies ahead in the future

We’re starting to love that trend of “cashing-in” with our nostalgia… The most experienced fans (oldest, ahem) are delighted with the idea and we are already beginning to make guesses about which console will be next. Nintendo has leaked a series of 19 Nintendo 64 game manuals on its website and all the alarms have been fired up. A recent patent, also from Nintendo, shows a folding smartphone case with a 4:3 screen opening and the layout of the GameBoy control pad and buttons…

Our imagination flies: Sega is developing a new MegaDrive Mini… Will it be good? Will that hypothetical Nintendo 64 mini arrive before Christmas?…

And the last rumour that has to do with nostalgia is even more juicy: On the net there are some media that claim that Sony has patented a system with that will let their next console (PS5?) emulate… Nothing less than the four previous PlayStation versions! Pull any game from the shelf, slide in your PS One, PS2, PS3 or PS4 game and… nostalgia!

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