Press Release – BadLand will publish ADOME


Badland Publishing will distribute the first-person action-adventure title created by Timsea Studios.
The studio, based in Murcia (Spain), will open a Kickstarter page to finance the project. Today we’re launching the Steam page of the game.

Madrid (Spain), August 2nd, 2018: After a brief teaser trailer that has left the entire gamer community craving for more, we can confirm that Badland Publishing will be the distributor of the (at least for now) enigmatic title made by Timsea Studios.

ADOME will take us to City of Light, a futuristic city covered by a dome and populated only by robots with assigned routines that keep the city in perfect condition. Among all of them there’s a different one, IB1: a seed instructor with routines different from the rest and with the ability to learn, feel and think for himself.

Your adventure begins when you wake up and discover that the seeds assigned to IB1 are gone, but you feel connected to one of them: the “Y Seed”. You feel its emotions, its suffering, its terror… Its call. This will encourage you to uncover what is hidden in this beautiful and colorful city.

ADOME is an action, platformer and first-person exploration adventure with a well worked-out storyline.
Thanks to an elaborate parkour system, it will present agile and precise gameplay with fast and dynamic combat mechanics.

Main Features:

  • Immerse yourself in a deep, mature and emotionally charged story.
  • Fast, agile and precise gameplay. There’s nothing preset, you’re in total control.
  • Enjoy a complex parkour system.
  • Dynamic action with enemies that will test your ability.
  • Travel through a wide variety of incredible scenery ranging from futuristic cities to beautiful natural landscapes.
  • Overcome the scenarios in different ways by taking advantage of the elaborate parkour system.
  • Live a development with a variety of situations, from moments of exploration and platforms to moments of frantic action.
  • Face witty puzzles.

ADOME will be available soon for consoles and PC.

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