Discounts are here! We slash the price of our STEAM games! Between 70% and 90% off for just one week!


Steam discounts:

Anima: Gate of Memories

75% OFF

Action & Adventure RPG

A surprisingly fun ARPG set in the Anima setting. A surprisingly long game with some great lore and voice acting.

Anima: Gate of Memories - The Nameless Chronicles

75% OFF

Action & Adventure RPG

A massive improvement over the previous title, this ARPG doubles down on the strengths of its predecessor, namely story and setting.

Demon's Crystals

80% OFF

Shoot'em Up

If you’re a fan of twin stick shooters, Demon’s Crystals will be a great addition to your PC or console library. The asking price is very reasonable and it’s bound to entertain you and your family.

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal

80% OFF

Platform 3D

If you like challenging platformers and don’t mind the worshipping of goddesses and crystals, then Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is bound to entertain you for a bit.

Vostok Inc.

80% OFF

Management Puzzles

A fun mix of twin-stick shooting and clicking that always has you chasing that crazy money, this game has gameplay and humor to spare.


70% OFF

RPG Adventure

Zenith is a great game if you’re looking for a nice smash fest with an all tenor chorus comprised of man-elf eating giant spiders.

Nightmare Boy

70% OFF

Metroidvania Platforms

Nightmare Boy is a beautiful, super challenging, metroidvania styled game that has you really earning new abilities and exploring around. I really love the story and the personalities in it!

Mars Chaos Menace

80% OFF

Bullet- Hell

Mars: Chaos Menace is a classic bullet-hell arcade shooter at his core with a modern 3d engine and nice visual effect. Great and impressive boss to beat, required some good old skill! 


90% OFF

Platform 2D

Illusoria tells the story of a young boy who appears in a strange world he knows nothing about, a world where creatures that wish to kill him inhabit.


70% OFF


Awesome puzle game, with fancy and colorful graphics, fun and addictive. It has a simple gameplay (match-3) but doesn’t get boring with bosses every 10 levels that slightly changes the mechanics and multiple possible combinations.


80% OFF


Beautifully stylized puzzler/platformer where you must duplicate yourself to progress… Repeat of RePete, with a little more style, fresh mechanics, bosses and a little story along the way!


75% OFF

Platforms 2D

Leopoldo Manquiseil is a great and challenging retroplateformer indie game, fast-paced action, lovely chiptune music, cute pixel art, required skills and love for the oldschool genre!

Hurry up and take advantage of the discounts!

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