Steam summer discounts! | Up to 80% OFF!

Take advantage of the incredible summer discounts we have to show you! Up to 80% off the original price in order to let you have a wonderful summer!

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Anima Gate of Memories

75% OFF

Action & Adventure RPG

Anima Gate of Memories is a third person action RPG that tells the story of two beings bound by an unwilling pact, an ancient monster and a girl who lost her past.

Anima: Gate of Memories - The Nameless Chronicles

50% OFF

Action & Adventure RPG

The sequel of Anima is Anima The Nameless Chronicles is a third person action RPG that tells the story of a man without name, an immortal being cursed to walk the world until the end of time.


51% OFF


Awe is a god-game about expressing one’s creativity by shaping and building planets’ ecosystems.

Leopoldo Manquiseil

75% OFF


The videogame industry is in danger! A dishonest organization (A.M.E.) has set out to monopolize the industry and thus control the minds of the players. Developers and distributors have two options: either they take their side or else the market will end up crushing them.


70% OFF

Action & Casual

Castles tells the story of the ambitious King Harold, whose greatest achievement will be the tower you are constructing.

Mars: Chaos Menace

75% OFF


We are in the Terraforming age after saving our homeworld, Earth, which was collapsed by radioactive contamination and the depletion of resources. Now, humans are successfully colonizing nearby planets, using technology to adapt these inhospitable and hostile places. 

Demon's Crystals

75% OFF


Demon’s Crystals is a frenetic twin stick shooter where you guide the Urican demons through countless hazards in order to restore peace to the world. 


80% OFF

Action & Adventure

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal is an adventure platformer in which you have to rebuild and restore balance to a world devastated by the explosion of a mystical crystal.


80% OFF

Adventure RPG

Zenith is an action RPG coated in humor. Adventuring! Exploring ruins! Saving the world! 


80% OFF


BOOR is a 2D puzzle-platformer game, where you play as a girl with a refreshing gameplay.


75% OFF


Illusoria is a game where players can immerse themselves in a fantasy world full of wonderful characters and terrible monsters.

Vostok Inc.

80% OFF

Action & Adventure RPG

The Wolf of Wall Street… with lasers. You’re the newly appointed CEO of Vostok Inc. As a greedy, space-capitalist your ultimate goal is to get filthy stinking rich! 

Nightmare Boy

70% OFF

Action & adventure

Nightmare Boy is a metroidvania, action/adventure 2D game where you’ll meet weird and unique friends and foes. 

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