Noahmund Dive into a new world and discover the mysteries of Synchrony. Fight with Motion Battle Chess, an original battle system that mixes strategy and real-time action.

Badland_Publishing_Lovecraft's Untold Stories

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories  Explore, improve your skills and gear, and fight cultists and creatures from the Mythos to stop the Old Ones’ plans in randomly generated levels based on Lovecraft stories.



Awe Awe is a god-game about expressing one’s creativity by shaping and building planets’ ecosystems in a soothing and relaxing ambiance carried by beautiful, minimalist lowpoly 3D art style and atmospheric music.

Happy Holidays: Steam Sales

Here they are! What a wonderful time to see these amazing Steam sales in indie video games! Anima Gate of Memories, Vostok, Ginger and many more!nce!


Happy Holidays: PS4 Sales [USA]

Hey there! Check the best PS4 Sales for Holidays in indie games for USA! Amazing prices for awesome games! Sales up to 55% off!