BadLand_Publishing_Silence_Nintendo Switch

Nota de Prensa – Silence

La aventura gráfica Silence se estrena hoy en Nintendo Switch. Tras su paso por Steam, la original aventura de Daedalic llega a la consola híbrida de Nintendo. 0.0 00


Nota de Prensa – Deponia

La primera entrega de la saga Deponia llega a Nintendo Switch. Uno de los mejores “Point&Click” de los últimos tiempos se estrena en la consola híbrida. 0.0 00

BadLand_Publishing_Super Neptunia RPG

Nota de Prensa – Super Neptunia RPG

¡El reino 2D por fin llega a nuestro mundo 3D! ¡Nos complace anunciar que Super Neptunia™ RPG para PlayStation®4 y Nintendo Switch™ en edición física estará disponible en España este verano! 0.0 00


Adome’s Kickstarter campaign starts today!

Adome starts its Kickstarter campaign today! ADOME is sci-fi action, platforms and first-person exploration game in which history has great weight. Thanks to the elaborated parkour system, you will enjoy an agile gameplay with fast and dynamic fights. 4.5 02


Point and click Games: History and growth

Since the appearance of the first video games, one of the main objectives, both for developers and users, was to escape, to live a spectacular adventure through the computer or the console. 5.0 02



Discounts are here! We slash the price of our STEAM games! Between 70% and 90% off for just one week! 4.7 04


XBOX ONE: Indie Bundles by BadLand Publishing

Don’t miss the indie bundles from Badland Publishing! The best compilations of our indie games! Adventures, RPG, shoot’em ups… and many more genres are included in these bundles that will be perfect for your weekends! 5.0 08