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Nota de Prensa – Silence

La aventura gráfica Silence se estrena hoy en Nintendo Switch. Tras su paso por Steam, la original aventura de Daedalic llega a la consola híbrida de Nintendo.


Nota de Prensa – Deponia

La primera entrega de la saga Deponia llega a Nintendo Switch. Uno de los mejores “Point&Click” de los últimos tiempos se estrena en la consola híbrida.

BadLand_Publishing_Super Neptunia RPG

Nota de Prensa – Super Neptunia RPG

¡El reino 2D por fin llega a nuestro mundo 3D! ¡Nos complace anunciar que Super Neptunia™ RPG para PlayStation®4 y Nintendo Switch™ en edición física estará disponible en España este verano!


Lovecraft’s Untold Stories | Official Website

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories  Explore, improve your skills and gear, and fight cultists and creatures from the Mythos to stop the Old Ones’ plans in randomly generated levels based on Lovecraft stories.



Adome ADOME is an action-adventure, platformer and first-person exploration game, with an elaborate storyline. Thanks to its complex parkour system, it will feature agile and precise gameplay with fast and dynamic combats.



Silence Can you save Silence, the grim, but also serene world between life and death? Can you help Noah find his little sister Renie in this suffering world? Can you bring her home? Explore Silence and join the siblings on their adventurous journey.