The 6 problems in video games development


Video games development ascribes artistic activities with technological implementation to its creation process.

A constant creative process with so many factors to bear in mind that it is almost a feat that no problems happen. That’s why we’re going to reflect on the different problems that must be faced in the development of this great form of entertainment.


Time is undoubtedly the most problematic and common factor within the development process. There are many processes subordinated to the total process of development, so if there are delays in something, it adds up to everything. The development must be like a choreography well-adjusted to the tempo and dates, if not, in other words, in a simpler way: Time is money.

Random events

Anything that cannot be predicted, because of its dangerous potential, may cause the biggest headaches. Damage to equipment, accidents, system failures. The aftereffects of any of these events can be catastrophic, and they are more frequent than you would expect. Not even the best of forecasts can spare you from something unexpected, plays a trick on you.

Work on different platforms or media

Many times, it is not taken into account, but, although a game is the same for the different platforms in which it appears, the process of porting that takes behind each one is different. The programming, the porting, and the tests that have must be passed, differ in each platform. That translates into a workload, which unless managed correctly can cause problems to the whole process.


Almost an essential attribute, if we consider the relevance of respecting the time frames of each process. The last thing you want to do in a development process is to improvise. At the beginning of the development you have to be clear about the times and the means that are going to be carried out. Weigh whether the technology and media to be used is profitable in time, bearing in mind that the media are updated and some of the work done may no longer be of any use. Any well-made decision, no matter how small, can make a difference.


Team inexperience

In recent years we have seen the birth of many development studies and many of them fail. One of the main reasons for this, beyond a lack of desire, creativity and talent or budget is due to a professional inexperience. Many starts from home, out of pure vocation, but without a real business vision. You have to understand that no matter how much you like what you do, you have to make a career out of it, if you want to make a living out of it. Have a realistic long-term vision: without that, the business idea is distorted and therefore the chances of surviving in a very professional and competitive environment are lost.  


Making a video game, compared to many other products, is an economically profitable activity. However, it is not a cheap process either. Depending on the scale and the ambitiousness of a project, costs vary substantially, which is why a proper organization is necessary so that these costs do not skyrocket and end up killing the project. However, the main drawback, especially for many beginning studios, is where and how to get this funding. There are many options, but wondering which the best is, the one that adapts to the particular needs of each project, is undoubtedly the right question.

The development of games is a beautiful activity but demands a high commitment. No project is exempt from all kind of drawbacks and sacrifices, after all this is a very competitive business. But when you make your career out of your vocation and believe in what you do, the effort is very rewarding.

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