Malaga City Council and BadLand Publishing launch a video game accelerator

With this agreement, Malaga City promotes the development of the Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales and has, among its competences, the commitment to innovation.


Yesterday, November 5th, 2018 was the signing of the collaboration agreement for the implementation of a Video Game Accelerator between BadLand Publishing and Promálaga, promoted by the City of Malaga, by the hand of Councillor New Technologies, Mario Cortés; Manager of Promálaga, Francis Salas and CEO of BadLand Publishing, Luis Quintans.

Why has BADLAND POLØ born?

BADLAND POLØ has born in response to the need of developers and video games studios for distribution, development and publication of their title, as well as support for the development of “Indie” projects.

This video game accelerator will be established in Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales located in Tabacalera Building in Málaga. The workspace will be called BADLAND POLØ and both studios and developers of indie videogames will be able to benefit from a multitude of support for the creation and distribution of their titles. Among other supports, the centre will focus on: the use of state-of-the-art equipment, incentives, advice and support for entrepreneurship, as well as launch programmes or support in the search for funding.

Collaboration with the Malaga City Council and Promálaga

With this agreement, Malaga City Council, through Promálaga, promotes the development of the Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales and has, among its competences, the commitment to innovation and the entertainment industry as a way to achieve a new productive model and the creation of employment opportunities and economic activity: Participation in innovative projects; the definition of lines of collaboration to promote current modernization projects and promote their sustainability; collaboration with institutions with technical expertise and means in the field of innovation.


Current events

Video games, due to constant innovation, need adequate training, 50% of video game development companies have difficulty finding qualified professionals. According to the “Libro blanco del desarrollo español de videojuegos de 2017” by DEV, the Spanish Association of Video Game Producers and Developers and Entertainment Software, which is also chaired by Luis Quintans, the video game industry generated 1,102 jobs in 2017.

The studios

BADLAND POLØ already has two fabulous tenants working hard every day.

  • On the one hand, we have the Estudio Ábrego  who launched their first game, Noahmund, in digital format in mid-2018. It is a Japanese style role-playing title in which everyone and their mythology has been created entirely from scratch.
  • Noahmund has a new combat system, Motion Battle Chess, where it mixes turnless combat elements with magic and traps. Undoubtedly a game of great beauty and narrative that will delight lovers of the genre.
  • On the other hand, we can find Silent Road Games  who, committed to the design of narrative worlds, try to make people feel more and can live beyond the image and sound of a video game by creating in them differentiating experiences giving life to unique stories. 
  • Silent Road Games is currently working on the development of its promising title Afterlight, a science fiction and narrative adventure game located on Saturn’s distant moon, Titan.

Requirements to be part of the BADLAND POLØ Accelerator Malaga

You must have a viable development project of a video game or entertainment software with a demo and, above all, illusion and a firm conviction of wanting to be a professional in the industry. Contact

Deadlines and Duration

A developer company can benefit from the advantages of joining the accelerator. The incorporation will be from November and the call will be open throughout the year. The length of stay may include the entire process of development and subsequent improvements and corrections of this.

What BadLand Publishing offers

The project will put into operation a model of acceleration of business initiatives related to video games.

The main lines of work are defined in:

  1. Encourage local talent.
  2. Attract new initiatives to be implemented in the city.
  3. To train future industry professionals.
  4. Promote entrepreneurship in the video game sector.
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